Prisoners Take Their Anger Out On White Inmate Over Recent KKK Riots By Whipping Him “Like A Slave” [VIDEO]

Prisoners Take Their Anger Out On White Inmate Over Recent KKK Riots By Whipping Him “Like A Slave” [VIDEO]

Where to start? It just doesn’t seem that we humans will ever learn from history. Really, you could study all the history that the world contains, and every one of us will still be doomed to repeat it. Do you know why?

Love. Or rather, the lack of it.

You see, you can teach a man all the history in the world in order to prepare him to never repeat the same mistakes of the past, but unless he has a heart full of love for his neighbors, he’ll fall into the same trap as old as Cain and Abel. It’s love for others above ourselves that drives us to do the impossible, or, to forget the unforgivable. It transforms and inspires a person to do better, even when mistakes are made. It is the strongest power, I might say, in the universe – and yet, since the beginning of human history, we have never been able to master it.

This video shows a black inmate of an undisclosed prison, whipping a white inmate in the name of the Virginia killings. There is so much wrong with this, you can list them all on your own.

Virginia’s Nazi rally last weekend was devastating. To those involved and to our nation. In times of man’s inhumanity to man, we would be better served if we didn’t play along with the kind of actions and emotions that started the inhumanity. Yet everyone is so entrenched in teams and fighting worthless age old battles, we can’t ever stop, use reason and decide to go down another path.

Revenge is the name of the game lately and reconciliation has all but become extinct. But that is what will put an end to this senseless and useless fight over race.

I realize that the vast majority of Americans are good and it’s the fringe on both the left and the right that the media will always focus on, but the rest of us can be the answer and refuse to partake in the hate.

Don’t be like this people. Be better.

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