Mother Caught Molesting Her Own Children To Sell The Video Footage For Money [VIDEO]

Mother Caught Molesting Her Own Children To Sell The Video Footage For Money [VIDEO]

As a parent, you are supposed to protect your children from the evils of the world. You’re supposed to keep them from anything that might hurt them. You teach your kids to look both ways before crossing the street, you teach them to never get in a car with a stranger, you teach them that they can rely on their parents for unconditional love and protection no matter what.

At least, that’s what most parents do. Not all mothers and fathers are created equal, unfortunately. Some children don’t have the luxury of growing up in a household surrounded by love.

In fact, I can say unequivocally that there are some people who simply shouldn’t be around children, let alone raising their own.

Evil exists in the world and for proof of that, look no further than an Arizona mother who is accused of molesting her own children and selling the videos online in an effort to make money.

Keri Harwood is in jail after being accused of sexually assaulting her 3 year-old son and 6 year-old daughter, filming the acts and selling the recordings to a man. She was arrested on August 13 and is now being charged with child molestation as well as the sexual exploitation of a minor.

She was only caught after a friend asked for Keri’s gmail login information to play Pokemon GO and discovered the child pornography videos. The woman immediately went to the police and turned Harwood in.

Reports also indicate that she was selling Snapchat videos of herself masturbating for anywhere between $50 and $115 dollars.

I realize the economy isn’t exactly booming, but there are better ways to make easy money than scarring your children for life. What is WRONG with people?

Watch the video below:

This story breaks my heart. These innocent babies did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment from this evil, evil woman. There is most definitely a special place in Hell for this wretch.

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