Dude Squares Up To Box His Girlfriend When She Confronts Him For Cheating [VIDEO]

Dude Squares Up To Box His Girlfriend When She Confronts Him For Cheating [VIDEO]

Okay, even if you catch your man cheating on you, you really shouldn’t lay your hands on him. And if you’re a man getting hit by a girl, you shouldn’t hit her in return.

I can hear it now. “If a girl wants to hit like a man, she should be ready to be hit by a man.” Shut up. That’s crap. I’ve heard it so many times before, but you know what it says? It says that there are men out there who are perfectly fine hitting women.

Newsflash, you’re the biologically stronger sex. Yes, there IS a difference between men and women. The difference is that on average, a woman won’t be able to knock you out without proper training; meanwhile one good punch from a man would put a woman like me in the hospital with a concussion if not worse.

Just don’t hit each other, okay? Dang.

So the story goes that the woman in white found out that her boyfriend (hopefully ex) was cheating on her. Naturally, she was displeased by this information. She confronted him about it and started yelling and throwing hands. (I’d say punches, but I’ve seen better fists made by a sleeping infant.)

The guy then starts swinging back. Fortunately, he either misses or hits like a mouse because the woman keeps coming at him. At this point what is happening is on both of them.

Watch the video below:

Did you hear there at the end where he’s talking about how he’s going to hit her and how he’s been “knocking her s*** loose”? I’m sorry, but you’re a man. You should have been able to knock her out with one hit. You’re not knocking anything loose on anyone. You both need to sit down.

And more importantly, where are the parents??

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