Rap Video Shows White Cop Being Tortured, Hanged, But Rapper Claims He’s Not ‘Inspiring Violence’

Rap Video Shows White Cop Being Tortured, Hanged, But Rapper Claims He’s Not ‘Inspiring Violence’

If you honestly think that you, as a role model of impressionable children, can show a video where an officer is being tortured and then proceed to claim you’re not inspiring violence with it, you’re either intellectually dishonest, or an idiot. Or both.

Liberals would be OUTRAGED if a singer did a video where women were being assaulted and then claimed that he wasn’t inspiring violence against women.


From The Right Scoop:

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Some idiot rapper named David Banner is looking to make a dime out of inspiring hatred and violence in the black community, so he made a video showing a policeman being tortured and hanged. But don’t worry – he put a disclaimer up front saying he’s not advocating violence!

The video shows a white cop grinning as he watches a television report of himself after he shot and killed a young black man. Then he’s kidnapped and hanged. Later in the video it shows him being tortured as well.

This scumbag idiot says he’s not advocating violence but in the same statement says black lives “won’t be taken lightly.” Isn’t that a threat?

How pathetic. Of course, it’s much easier to make money off the misery of others than it is to actually make a community better – that takes a lot of hard work. While taking advantage of his own community is so much easier!!

Watch the video below:

If you can’t stand the idea of watching the video, here is the part of the video where the torture of the officer is implied:


Should he be held accountable for the content of the video?

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