Abused Puppy Shockingly Tested Positive for Drugs!

Abused Puppy Shockingly Tested Positive for Drugs!

I’ve seen a lot of different cases of animal abuse, but this is simply heartbreaking. Getting an animal hooked on drugs is absolutely horrific!


From Rare:

A California man was arrested and his dog tested positive for methamphetamine and heroin, police said.

Police found the dog named Bubba in a hotel room amid used needles and narcotics as they served Joshua West, 40, an arrest warrant March 22, according to CBSLA.com.

Workers with Orange County Animal Care immediately noticed Bubba, a terrier mix, was acting “lethargic,” according to CBSLA.com.

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“This strikes me as pretty horrible,” Tustin police Lt. Robert Wright told CBSLA.com. “This is the first time we’ve ever heard of someone reporting that an animal has been under the influence.”

Workers conducted a urine test on the dog which he tested positive for meth and heroin.

West was arrested and charged with illegal drug possession. Tustin police also asked the Orange County district attorney to pursue animal cruelty charges,according to KSBW.

Once Bubba recovers, the animal rescue group will put him up for adoption,according to KSBW.

This dog deserves an amazing home with a loving family that will never put him through any of the things he’s dealt with in the past.

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