WATCH: Punk Gets What’s Coming to Him After Attacking Art Teacher in Classroom

WATCH: Punk Gets What’s Coming to Him After Attacking Art Teacher in Classroom

This THUG thought it would be a good idea to attack his art teacher and the cowardly students around him decided to record instead of defending the innocent man from the violence.

Behavior like this is absolutely unacceptable.


From Biz Pac Review:

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A teenage thug was expelled from school after launching into a violent, pre-planned attack on his art teacher.

The teen had been late for class often and had planned the attack in advance, according to what another student in the class told WREG.

When some of the students at Memphis’ Wooddale High School learned the attack was going to occur they got ready to record it rather than make an attempt to warn the teacher, WREG reported.

At least not all the students were in on it. And the silver lining is, some decided to act.

“Let him go,” one student shouted, as others attempted to pull the violent thug off of the teacher.

“That’s so sad. That’s ridiculous that a teacher is being attacked by a student,” Yolanda Gones, parent, told WTOC.

“I just think Wooddale school is not safe anymore…not even for the teachers, not even for the students,” she said as she called for the school to be closed.

Gones blamed the parents for the behavior of the child.

“How a child acts in school is probably–most likely–coming from their home,” she said. “Yes, of course, I worry about my daughter’s safety. That’s why she will not be attending this school next year.”

Ruthie Tate, another parent, was outraged that the school didn’t inform parents of what happened.

“I think every parent should be notified of what’s going on out here,” she said.

“I’m concerned about the other kids’ safety too,” Tate told WTOC. “We [parents] need to look into the school more and make sure our kids are protected.”

Watch the unedited video below:

The suspect was arrested and charged with assault, but that hardly seems like a harsh enough punishment for this beast.

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