PHOTOS of the World’s Most BIZARRE Houses

PHOTOS of the World’s Most BIZARRE Houses

Cool houses for edgy people…like edge of the world people!

From the Daily Mail:

They say a man’s house is his castle, but some homes are definitely an acquired taste.

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As humans have reached every corner of the globe, they have also fought tooth and nail to create a patch of land to call their own – occasionally in the most bizarre places.

The following pictures show houses in locations that would take a sturdy backbone to sleep in.

From the house perched perilously atop a towering rock in Georgia to the only building on an entire Icelandic island, some abodes look straight out of a Tolkien fantasy.

Whether they hang over a cluster of rocks or are nestled amidst the treetops, these properties reveal how people’s tastes range far and wide when it comes to where they like to lay their head.

If this is your style, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get one!

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