After Sitter Seriously Abuses Baby, Parents Horrified When Police Drop Charges

After Sitter Seriously Abuses Baby, Parents Horrified When Police Drop Charges

In a tragedy too horrible to contemplate, a babysitter abused a baby and will not be charged even though she admitted it. Can you even imagine coming home from a date night to find your one year-old had been brutalized? It would break your heart. And someone needs to pay. But apparently she won’t.

From TheBlaze:

An Oregon couple went out on a date back in March and left their 1-year-old son home with a babysitter.

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They returned later that evening to find the child screaming as the sitter slept on the couch. When they awoke the next morning, they were horrified to discover bruises all over their son’s face and body.

Medical professionals and law enforcement later confirmed that the child had been abused. But even after the the babysitter confessed to hitting the baby, no arrests were made.

The boy’s father, Joshua Marbury, took to Facebook Friday to voice his frustrations over an Oregon court ruling he claims protected his son Jacob’s abuser. The post quickly went viral, gaining nearly 185,000 shares in two days.

Marbury wrote that multiple doctors pointed out handprints on Jacob’s body, and one detective informed him and his wife that the abuse could’ve killed their son.

According to the Oregonian, Jacob’s parents learned Friday the case would not be prosecuted, despite photo documentation of the abuse, thanks to a 2012 Oregon Court of Appeals ruling that prosecutors say made it more difficult to file charges in abuse cases with victims who are unable to speak.

A culture that will not protect the most vulnerable among us is destined for failure. This little one needed the law to stand up for him, but it didn’t. How many more children will be abused and then have it covered up by this infernal law? What would you do?

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