Refugees BRUTALLY Beat and Rob A Man While Doing THIS to His Girlfriend In Front of Him

Refugees BRUTALLY Beat and Rob A Man While Doing THIS to His Girlfriend In Front of Him

Taking in refugees of war-torn countries is a kind and compassionate thing to do. But for many European countries, thousands upon thousands of refugees are being accepted with little to no screening first… meaning that crimes have risen to near catastrophic levels. And it seems to be sexual crimes that are happening most frequently.

A young couple from Poland was vacationing in Italy when they were brutally attacked by four migrants. Suspected to be from Africa, the migrants came upon the two on Rimini Beach on the Adriatic Sea. And they immediately set upon them in the most violent, heinous way.

The young man was beaten by the four migrants until he was unconscious. The woman was then subjected to multiple rapes, with her boyfriend forced to watch before he became unconscious. Both were also robbed before the attackers were through. The couple was found on the beach, bloodied but alive, and both still remain hospitalized as they recover from the despicable attack.

Both Italian authorities and the Polish consulate have promised to thoroughly investigate the attack, with Italian authorities describing the attack as “brutal and bestial” and “an attack of cruel aggression.” They also called on the public “to cooperate with the police forces informing each and every element that may be of use in the investigation.”

“If they catch the perpetrators, then prison is not enough,” Matteo Salvini said. He is the head of the Northern League, a populist group, and has called for any migrants found to be guilty of sex crimes to be chemically castrated. He has since renewed his calls for sex attackers to be castrated. Giorgia Meloni, a former government youth minister and now-leader of the conservative Brothers of Italy party, complained that law and order was breaking down and compared Italy to “the worst favelas of South America” in some places. “Favela” in Brazil means slum or shanty town.

Italy has been especially hit hard by the European migrant crisis, thanks in large part to its closeness to Africa. The number of foreigners living in Italy has increased by an incredible 270% between 2002 and 2017, and by 25% between 2012 and 2017. There are also concerns that, between the rising number of migrants and the dwindling Italian birthrate, native Italians will no longer make up the majority of residents in Italy.

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