Desperation! Venezuelans Eating Zoo Animals To Survive As Economy Collapses [VIDEO]

Desperation! Venezuelans Eating Zoo Animals To Survive As Economy Collapses [VIDEO]

Socialist paradise Venezuela is home to millions of starving citizens suffering under the political and economic model that has killed more people in the past century than any other.

Recently, photos circulated on social media of two men in Caracas who were standing on a street corner butchering a dog for its meat. The photos were alleged to have been posted by an opposition party to prove to the rest of the world that the socialist regime is destroying the country and killing its citizens. Javier Chirinos said on Twitter that, “While the dictatorship gives away $5 million to the United States and others are considering governorships, Venezuelans are eating dogs,” in reference to the five million dollars offered by dictator Nicolás Maduro in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. This isn’t the first time a socialist government has willfully watched his citizens die from starvation in the name of socialism. “This is the result of 18 years of misery [and socialism]… to wait another year is to prolong hunger, allow more deaths…”

In 1932-1933, the Holodomor (To Kill by Starvation) killed between 7-10 million Ukrainians who were forced by their Soviet government to collectivize their farms. Foreign food relief aid was rejected by Joseph Stalin, who is believed to have organized Holodomor on purpose to kill off millions of Ukrainians in a a genocide intended to shut down the Ukrainian independence movement.

Now we have reports coming in that Venezuelans are breaking into a zoo in Zulia state to steal their boar- and cow-like animals, the tapirs and collared peccaries (above) as well as buffalo. The local police are assuming that the animals are being stolen in order to be eaten.

It’s shocking to read about animals that would never find their way into a supermarket deli aisle as a source of food, but none of us should be surprised that these animals are being eaten. What I fear to read about is that, eventually, as winter arrives people will turn from eating animals to cannibalizing human remains.

Just today, the Pope brought attention to the situation in Venezuela.

Last year, the BBC covered starvation and zoo animals in Venezuela… by making a video about how the animals are starving. Forget the people, right? But even still, the government addressed the 50 animals at the zoo that died of starvation by denying their cause of death and insisting that the animals were treated “like family.”

A former zoo director, Mauricio Castillo, is upset because the pig-like tapirs that were stolen are “vulnerable to extinction.”


Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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