The Starbucks Customer, Turned HERO, Foils Robber’s Plans! [VIDEO]

The Starbucks Customer, Turned HERO, Foils Robber’s Plans! [VIDEO]

Starbucks should be thanking a local customer turned crime fighter as he thwarted a knife-weilding thug by beating him over the head with a chair, then wrestling the knife away. Hero Cregg Jerri, 58, and suspect Ryan Michael Florez, 30, were both wounded viciously in the battle for the suspect’s knife during the Fresno, California robbery.

Police said that Florez tried to escape the scene and later tried to get away by saying he was a victim in the chaos, but was identified as the robber with the help of the security camera that was running at the time, which showed him armed with a large knife and fake handgun.

The video reveals the suspect, wearing a blue mask from the Transformers franchise, walk up to the Starbucks counter holding a realistic looking handgun.

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He holds out a bag to signal to the young woman working the register to load it with cash and then pulls out a large knife, pointing it threateningly at her. In the background of the shot, another Starbucks worker is clearing table tops and smiles, not sure what is happening as Jerri reacts and picks up a chair and charges the suspect.

Jerri, a 58 year-old sales director who works for Frito-Lay, is a daily loyal customer at the Starbucks and knows the baristas by name…he beats the suspect over the head with the chair and then the two wrestle over control of the knife.

Florez stabbed Jerri in the neck which resulted in several staples…but when Jerri gained control of the knife, he went all out and stabbed Florez several times, according to the police report. Florez then got into a truck and sped away from the scene, but ended up ditching the vehicle and was found sitting on the side of the road, bleeding all over himself.

He tried to lie and claim he was the victim of a robbery, but police knew he was the Starbucks robber.

Jerri is okay and is recovering from his wounds.

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