ISIS Cowards CROSSDRESS As WOMEN To Try And Sneak Out Of Mosul – But Are TOO Ugly To Fool Anyone!

ISIS Cowards CROSSDRESS As WOMEN To Try And Sneak Out Of Mosul – But Are TOO Ugly To Fool Anyone!

Another Jihadist has made a mockery of his own psychotic beliefs and attempted to flee Mosul in attire similar to what can only be described as a transsexual dame, but was caught when he didn’t commit to shaving off his beard and mustache…well, should he throw himself off a roof top, like he and is subhuman friends have done to countless others?

The ISIS fighter was trying to escape from the former militant stronghold as the city was recaptured by Iraqi forces, but didn’t quite get his escape plan right.

Dressed in women’s clothes and with ridiculous make-up on (these psychos REALLY don’t know a damn thing about females…other than how to violate them and treat them as dogs), the bearded man didn’t bother shaving all of his facial hair off.

In photos discharged by the Iraqi army after he was apprehended, the man seems to have smashed his face into a powder bucket and painted on eye shadow and lipstick like a blind man…he even put a beauty mark on! Where the hell is this guy from, ‘Mulan’?

But the large mustache and beard as well as full eyebrows did nothing but raise suspicions on the ugly bastard. Other photos discharged by the army show the men wearing stuffed padded bras as they try to sneak through the net and out of the city. Mosul’s Old City, which once stood as a neighborhood of thickly assembled alleyways and homes on winding lanes, has been made into rubble by a months-long war to root out the Islamic State.

The result of the battle, which ended as Jihadists made their last stand to hold on to the region earlier this month, can be seen in stern before-and after satellite photographs.

That’s war, as it’s always been.

It took Iraq’s US-backed forces nearly nine months, but they are free from radicals…for now.

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