Subway Franchise Owner Claims the Corporation Knew About Jared’s Attraction to Kids Since 2008

Subway Franchise Owner Claims the Corporation Knew About Jared’s Attraction to Kids Since 2008

Ever since Jared Fogle has been outed as a pedophile and sex offender, the question has been, how much did Subway know about his illicit activities? The sandwich chain has feigned ignorance, but a former franchisee is saying that Subway knew all along about Fogle’s attraction to children and seemingly didn’t do anything about it.


Disgraced former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle traveled to Thailand in order to have sex with minors and paid a 16-year-old for sex over Craigslist, it has been claimed.

Cindy Mills, a former franchisee with the sandwich chain, said Fogle told her about paying underage girls for sex overseas after the two swapped numbers at an event.

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According to Robert Beasley, a lawyer for Mills, she reported Fogle to advertising executives at Subway back in 2008 but they brushed her concerns aside.

Jeff Moody, head of Subway’s marketing at the time, even sought to reassure Mills that Fogle was receiving help, implying that the company already knew about his crimes, Beasley added.

Last week Fogle agreed to plead guilty to allegations that he had traveled to New York to have sex with minors while staying at upmarket hotels.

He also agreed to plead guilty to possessing child pornography, some of which was produced by Russell Taylor, his associate and executive director of his childhood obesity charity.

As part of the plea, he has agreed to pay $1.4million of restitution to 14 underage victims, and may go to jail for up to 12 years.

… In the texts, Mills claims he outlined how he had paid for sex with underage girls while on holiday in Thailand, and had also used Craigslist to pay for sex with a 16-year-old.

Concerned, Mills said she took the messages to Jeff Moody, who was in charge of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, which handles the company’s marketing.

While Subway now has full control of the franchisee marketing scheme, at the time it was owned by the franchisees themselves.

Mills alleges that when she told Moody about Fogle’s messages, he stopped her and said he ‘didn’t want to hear any more’.

She goes on to say that Moody told her he was aware of similar comments made by other people, and reassured her that Fogle had met a ‘teacher’ who was working to get his behavior under control.

Considering this is an ex-franchisee, there’s no telling how reliable Mills is — she could be a bitter woman looking to get back at Subway because her franchise failed, or merely be looking to cash in on a few minutes of fame. But if she is telling the truth, and Subway knew all along that their spokesperson was into kiddie porn… well, those executives should end up in the cell next door to Fogle, exactly where they belong.

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