Suspicious of Her Mom’s Nursing Home, She Set Up a Hidden Camera – Here’s What She Caught… [VIDEO]

Suspicious of Her Mom’s Nursing Home, She Set Up a Hidden Camera – Here’s What She Caught… [VIDEO]

Elderly people are our most precious resource. They’ve been through so much and have an endless well of wisdom from which we younger people can benefit.

But there are sometimes, though, when they’re not treated with the respect they deserve. This is one of those cases.


From AWM:

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As people get older, there are certain things that their human body simply can not do anymore.

Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of options for taking care of elderly people who are not able to take care of themselves anymore.

One thing that happens in a lot of families is that a child will invite their parent to live with them when they are incapable of self care.  This often puts a strain on the grandchildren as well as the parents. It’s not always easy for the elderly person to adjust to a new living situation either.

Another common solution to the issue of seniors needing help at home is for them to receive hospice care. However, there are lots of problems that can arise with home health care.

For example, there have been countless reports of hospice nurses stealing medications and personal belongings from senile patients that they were supposed to be helping and protecting.

This is a risk with any kind of formal adult care organization.

A sickening story of neglect was reported about a woman in the care of Landsdowne Care Home in Cricklewood, England, Anahita Behrooz discovered that her 91-year-old mother, Mahbubeh Ghadimabadian, was being terribly mistreated.

The daughter explained how the staff didn’t turn her mother over nearly enough, and this did end up causing terrible and painful bedsores.

The most disgusting part of this case of neglect is that the poor old woman’s foot was literally rotting away and definitely did not receive the proper medical attention.

Watch the video below:

Having been a CNA, I’m well aware that there are those who will scream at the slightest contact with another person. However, this video doesn’t show the whole story.

If you just watch the video, you may be thinking that it’s impossible to determine abuse was taking place. There are pictures that tell another story.

The woman was probably screaming because while the aide was turning her, the action was aggravating parts of her body that were literally ROTTING.



And under the bandages?


This is one of the worst cases of neglect that I’ve ever seen and it breaks my heart that this woman had her condition ignored by authorities and her general physician.

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