Leaked Deposition Shows MORE Illegal Activity from Hillary!

Leaked Deposition Shows MORE Illegal Activity from Hillary!

Hillary NEVER used a password to protect her electronic devices and programs, including her computer and official email account setup during her time as Secretary of State. Now according to a deposition posted by Judicial watch – she also very often worked around National Security Agency rules so she could use her personal Blackberry for business by taking it to a hallway near her office. The evidence of Hillary’s crookedness is everywhere…but this is not about her crookedness as much as it is about her competence. Just wait until you learn WHY she was checking email through her phone…


From Western Journalism:

The deposition of Lewis A. Lukens, a 27-year foreign service officer at the State Department, also said the Clinton did not appear to fully understand the workings of email on standard desktop personal computers. Lukens was deputy executive secretary and executive director of the Office of the Secretariat from 2008-11.

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In one 2009 email, he wrote that after a conversation with Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, “the problem is hrc does not know how to use a computer for email, only bb.”

However, the offices of the Secretary of State do not allow smart phones for security reasons.

“So the crux of the issue was that Blackberrys and iPhones are not allowed in the Secretary’s office suite, so the question was, how is the Secretary going to be able to check her emails if she’s not able to have the Blackberry at her desk with her,” Lukens said, noting that the NSA would not bend its rules for Clinton.

She does not know how to utilize her email from her computer, just her phone…? If that is the case, how is it that she is allowed to run for the highest office in the nation and command the greatest military in the world…if she cannot complete simple tasks, like checking her email, or telling the truth?

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