Teacher Is Stalked And Violently Attacked By Parents Of 4th Grader Whose Phone Was Taken In Class [VIDEO]

Teacher Is Stalked And Violently Attacked By Parents Of 4th Grader Whose Phone Was Taken In Class [VIDEO]

Now I’m no seer or anything, but I’m going to venture an educated guess that this fourth-grader isn’t going to go very far in life. Or perhaps she could grow past her upbringing and become a good, decent human being in spite of her parents.

Because let’s be honest, if you’re willing to stalk and beat up a teacher who took your child’s cellphone, you really shouldn’t be allowed to have children. There is something wrong with your heart, your soul and your brain if you think that is worth attacking someone.

Pittsburgh Police are saying that 46 year-old Janice Watkins had confiscated the phone of one of her 4th grade students, because the school has a no-cellphone policy.

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According to police reports, the student then bit the teacher, because that’s how a normal, well-adjusted child reacts to being punished for breaking the rules.

Somehow, the parents found out that the teacher had taken the phone, because they came to the school and warned the teacher that things were “going to get even” over this. They then followed her to her car after class, when the teacher was getting ready to drive to the local clinic to get the bite wound disinfected and wrapped.

That was when a black SUV approached her car. The teacher rolled her window down and that’s when the woman in the vehicle threw a brick at the teacher, hitting her in the face, The couple then dragged her out of her car and beat her severely before speeding off. Bleeding and confused, the teacher called for help.

The woman who is alleged to have attacked the teacher goes by “Miss Williams” and claims that she reacted with violence after learning that the teacher had choked her child. (Either the mother is lying, or the kid lied to her parents to get them to sympathize with her. Or, alternately, the teacher could be lying, but something tells me there would be cellphone footage of that taking place.) In any case, this was not the proper reaction.

If somebody put their hands on your child, what would you do?” the suspected attacker said. “I didn’t technically follow her out the school. I waited for her to pull out and I followed her to the stop light.”

Watch the video below:

Let’s hope and pray that this child doesn’t grow up to be as violent as her pathetic excuse of a mother.

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