After Weinstein Scandal SHAKES Hollywood, Monica Lewinsky Sends Out Message Clintons Will DREAD!

After Weinstein Scandal SHAKES Hollywood, Monica Lewinsky Sends Out Message Clintons Will DREAD!

It took Monica Lewinsky a two-word hashtag to throw leftists into fits.

The #MeToo hashtag allowed women to share their experiences of sexual harassment/assault/rape. It was created/pushed by Democrats who wanted to show people that more women have been affected by this than many people realize. There were sincere messages exchanged of “I believe you,” “you are valid” and “you are strong for sharing your story.”

This is how supportive we should always be, but Monica Lewinsky didn’t always find that to be the case.

In fact, when she came out with her sordid affair with President Bill Clinton, she was attacked by self-appointed head feminist Hillary Clinton. (Who would later post on Twitter that all victims of sexual violence had the right to be heard and believed. Don’t make me gag.)

So naturally, the subject behind one of the biggest sexual scandals in American history partook in the #MeToo trend.

Another Clinton victim, Juanita Broaddrick, slammed Lewinsky for not standing by her, Kathleen and Paula when they were being excoriated by the Clintons for daring to come forward with their stories.

So, here is the feminist’s dilemma: Do they support Lewinsky or not? Claiming to be pro-woman and “feminist,” one would be inclined to believe that yes, they believe and support her. However, the majority of them also voted for/gave money to Hillary Clinton, the very woman who verbally bashed all of Bill’s accusers all over the media. So, do they stand with her, or do they stand with her husband’s victims?

While I appreciate the sentiment of the #MeToo movement, it needs to be followed up with action. This action needs to start in Hollywood where so much of the pedophilia and sexual abuse of women in lower positions is taking place, while those who are covering up the secrets are feigning support for feminist and pro-woman causes. (The biggest of which is Planned Parenthood, which victimizes young, confused women who are shocked by a sudden pregnancy, so that tells you all you need to know there.)

We can’t continue to allow these people to preach principles to us (complaining about Trump’s “pu**y grabbing” comment), while simultaneously saying that “everyone knew” about Weinstein’s penchant for sexual abuse, but said nothing. They need to clean up their own house first and not just so they can get the moral high ground over Trump, but because exploiting women and children is unacceptable in civil societies.

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