Teen Boy Killed In School Shooting Trying To Stop Shooter – His Best Friend

Teen Boy Killed In School Shooting Trying To Stop Shooter – His Best Friend

As if a school shooting couldn’t be anymore tragic, the Spokane-area school shooting is becoming sadder and sadder the more details that come out.

Caleb Sharpe walked into his high school, pulled out a handgun and began firing at students. When all was said and done, he had killed one student and injured three more.

The young boy he murdered was actually one of his friends. Sam Strahan was shot in the head while trying to prevent Sharpe from injuring or killing any of this classmates.

Just imagine that for a moment. Seeing your friend walk into your school with a gun and start shooting at people, and turning said gun on you when you try to do the right thing.

Classmates of the 15 year-old say that he had a lot of friends and wasn’t bullied, and was “funny and nice and weird.” He was obsessed with the hit television series “Breaking Bad” and brought suspicious notes to school at the beginning of the year that said he was planning on “doing something bad” that may get him killed or arrested. (That should have been your first hint right there.)

He also posted a strange video on YouTube of him shooting a toy gun. He added graphics and sound effects to make it look like he was shooting an actual firearm. Obviously, I’m not going to show you that video, but here are some stills, so you get the idea.

Sharpe brought two weapons to school that day, a handgun and a rifle. When one of the firearms jammed, he went to grab another one. That is when Strahan engaged him. Unfortunately, his words were not enough to stop Sharpe, who shot his friend in the head.

The rampage came to an end when the school janitor, Joe Bowen, convinced the sophomore to put down his gun. Police arrived on the scene and he was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention center.

One student said that they suspected Sharpe may have been the source of the shooting, but didn’t want to believe it.

“I was thinking that maybe it wasn’t my friend but then I had an idea it was all the documentaries he’s been watching and thinking he sent me a picture on Snapchat when we were talking and it was a documentary and I was like: ‘There’s no way he could do this!’ Now I’m thinking he might actually have gone through with it,” the student said.

So, to kids and parents I’d like to say this: If you see something, say something. Because reporting that weird Snapchat or YouTube video or note might just save the lives of people around you.

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