Former WH Communications Director Scaramucci Gets New Job – Hosting ‘The View’

Former WH Communications Director Scaramucci Gets New Job – Hosting ‘The View’

“Odd bedfellows” would be the nicest way to put this unholy pairing.

Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci is going to be on “The View” for what the dusty harpies of daytime talkshows are calling “Guy Friday” where they bring in a dude to mansplain the issues of the week so they can tell him he’s wrong and evil and screech about toxic masculinity and patriarchy.

Okay maybe not that, but at this point in American society, is it far off?

Scaramucci will be sitting down with the “ladies” of The View on September 22nd, where he will help the ladies analyze “hot topics.” You know, because they’re women and need things broken down for them by a man who actually understands what’s going on.


Or am I?

Anyway, Joy Behar had a conversation with The Mooch, but was tight-lipped about exactly what was said between the pair.

“I did speak to him,” she said in an interview to the New York Post. “I was trying to get him on the show. We’re paesans together, so I called him, and we had a very interesting conversation. Unfortunately, he learned from the New Yorker interview how to say the words ‘off the record,’ so I can’t tell you too much. Also, I’m under FBI surveillance at this point. We had a great conversation, very juicy information — but I can’t say it.”

It is anticipated that he will discuss his new website, “The Scaramucci Post,” and the fact that he filed for a paternity test to determine whether he is the father of his new-born son. His estranged wife Dierdre is naturally horrified by the implication, but truly, it’s not surprising given that the pair are in the middle of divorce proceedings and are battling for custody of the kid. I just hope the sweet little baby ends up in the right home.

I think that The View will see higher ratings than it has in years, as Trump supporters will be tuning in to see what kind of common sense he dishes to the ladies and how they respond to it. I half expect a dog-pile of feminazis who screech about gender equality. The other half-of me expects a verbal lashing that gets Scaramucci removed from the stage in record time.

What will actually happen is probably somewhere in the middle of those, but we can always hope for a PPV-grade wrestling match!

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