The World’s Premier Anti-Government Hacker Was Caught Living On The Dole

Anonymous is a criminal group of cyber-fascists who think they have a right to bully, torment and silence anyone they disagree with. They do billions of dollars worth of damage, shut down free speech, and distribute private information that they never had a right to in the first place.

Well, it’s hard to say how significant this will turn out to be, but the FBI got one of them and the back story is fascinating.

The agents were suddenly face-to-face with “Sabu,” the computer genius they had stalked for months, a quarry so elusive they hadn’t pinned down his identity and location until just weeks before. The suspected ringleader of the Anonymous offshoot group LulzSec, Hector Xavier Monsegur and his web minions had just completed a month-long reign of terror, hacking the CIA, Fox, Sony and several financial institutions, causing, according to some estimates, billions of dollars in damage around the world.

…Monsegur was quietly arrested on aggravated identity theft charges and released on bail. On Aug. 15 he pleaded guilty to a dozen counts of hacking-related charges and agreed to cooperate with the FBI. Monsegur went right on living in the unit he shared with the children, supporting them, five brothers and a sister and living off public assistance, according to those who know him.

…It was his anti-government, anti-capitalist ideologies that caused Monsegur to gravitate toward hacking, according to those who witnessed his ascent. His rare blend of interpersonal skills, technical ability and street cred, combined with the hacks he did, ensured his rapid ascent in the hacker community. Driven by politics, Monsegur once released personal information about Arizona law enforcement in response to the state’s immigration law.

….Monsegur lost his job when the company was shuttered. With the exception of a stint as a repo-man, he’s been unemployed ever since.

Given his prodigious skills, he needn’t have been, according to his handlers.

“Sabu could be making millions of bucks heading the IT security department of a major company,” a law enforcement official said. “But look at him, he’s impoverished, living off public assistance and was forced between turning on his friends and spending a lifetime in jail.

“It’s sad, really.”

This guy reminds me of the radical Islamists in Britain who live on the dole by day and preach jihad against Britain at night. It always seems to be the people with too much time on their hands because they don’t work for a living who find a way to get into trouble.

And of course, if Monsegur hadn’t been so “anti-capitalist” and dependent on the government, he could could have actually been wealthy and successful. Instead he’s a hacker who hurt a lot of innocent people, turned on his friends, and will probably still end up in jail — hopefully, for a long, long time. Monsegur and his other pals in Anonymous deserve to spend so long in a jail cell that they don’t know how to use the new computers that are out when they’re released.

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