Sandra Fluke Is Simply The Latest Excuse For Liberals To Get Conservatives Off The Airwaves

If Sandra Fluke thinks her far left comrades really care about her, perhaps she should ask Cindy Sheehan about her own 15 minutes of Liberal fame. Once Cindy became old news and inconvenient, she was unceremoniously dumped by the hard left. The Left is simply using Fluke as a means to attempt to get Rush Limbaugh off the radio. Rush stepped in it with his comments, put, poorly, and then doubling down, which gave Liberals all the excuse they needed to make the attempt to drive Rush out. This is what they have tried to do to conservative/Republican voices for decades.

Liberals are truly unhappy that anyone on the political Right can have a public forum to discuss their viewpoints. Rush, Hannity, Levin, Beck, Savage (I’m not a fan, BTW, but, I just turn the channel), Ingraham, Fox News, Townhall, and Weekly Standard are among the limited amount of conservative outlets Liberals want shut down. And it really ticks liberals off that these sources are so damned successful, particularly when Liberals are miserable failures on cable news and radio. Even liberals don’t want to listen or watch their own. This is what is behind their push for a “fairness” doctrine. And what is behind their campaign to get Rush’s advertisers to pull their money. And, they aren’t restricting their unhinged tirades to Rush: now they are going after the radio stations

(Raleigh N&O) As Rush Limbaugh continued to apologize Monday for his derogatory comments about a female college student last week, the Triangle radio station that bears the conservative talk show host’s name was being targeted by some who question its relationship with UNC-Chapel Hill athletics.

WRDU-FM – which calls itself “Rush Radio” – mostly stayed silent Monday about the controversy that has caused at least 10 national advertisers to drop or suspend their business with Limbaugh’s program. The outcry was sparked last week when Limbaugh took on Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke after she testified in support of President Barack Obama’s contraceptive health care coverage plan.

Though much of WRDU’s program consists of conservative talkers such as Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, the station also is home to UNC’s Tar Heel Sports Network in the Triangle, which broadcasts UNC basketball and football.

On Monday, James Protzman, a liberal blogger for, spoke out about UNC’s association with Rush Radio and emailed UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp asking him to rethink the relationship.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense for the flagship university of North Carolina to be associating itself with the kinds of things we hear on Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh,” Protzman said.

Liberals are attempting to now get UNC to drop it’s use of WRDU as platform for UNC sports, which is also a way of trying to get WRDU to choose between UNC or Rush. Fortunately, UNC, not exactly the most right leaning university out there, has told BlueNC to go pound sand. Did I mention that UNC is a public university, part of the North Carolina chain of taxpayer funded schools? That would mean Liberals are pushing….censorship.

So far, 30 organizations have felt the wrath of liberal venom, and have dropped their advertisements of Rush’s program. Twenty nine listed here, Netflix makes 30. Eh. I use none of them except JC Penny’s (they carry all the major brands of pants down here in Raleigh).

Rush can say he’s sorry till he’s blue in the face, and it would make no difference. When a Conservative in the public domain says something mean, the vitriol simply masks the true motive, which is getting them off the air. If a liberal says something mean, like, say, calling Laura Ingraham a slut, they get a paid suspension for a week, which liberals are upset over. When they are called a c*nt, we’re told that it’s “entertainment”. When a liberal makes a joke about a 14 year old being raped by a ball player, it was just a bad joke. When the president of the United States refers to Tea Party members as “tea baggers”, liberals laugh. I don’t remember the liberals being outraged by this uncivil language. I remember them defending and saying “just move on.”

Expect the liberal censorship campaign to continue, and, oh, hey, look, the calls for the “fairness doctrine” have started.

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