He Thought He’d Get Away With Kicking His Wife in the Face… BOY WAS HE WRONG! [VIDEO]

He Thought He’d Get Away With Kicking His Wife in the Face… BOY WAS HE WRONG! [VIDEO]

That jack-a** of a husband was really beating down on his wife right in the public view, when a bystander tried to stop him, but couldn’t. They ran off in fear for their own lives as well. Things just got worse as the beating got more brutal…then something wonderful happened.

Good Samaritans showed up… a whole mob of them.

RETRIBUTION was claimed.

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From AWM:

At one point a Good Samaritan walks over to try and calm enraged assailant, but gets frightened away.

He continues to beat his wife. At one point he pushes her head so hard into the side of the pickup truck, she falls to her knees weak from pain.

Suddenly Instant Karma arrives to show the wife beater what street justice is all about.
A vigilante group comes out of nowhere and begin to attack the wife beater giving him a taste of his own medicine.

“The incident was filmed in Changzhou, a drab city of 4 million a couple hours drive east of Shanghai,” the video description states.

Skip to the 2-minute mark to watch the wife beater receive is much-needed punishment.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction in cases like these than the good guys saving the helpless from the baddies.

We know there are good people in the world, but it’s usually the bad people that we hear about most. It’s good to see people coming together to help others.

Boy…that man is going to be in a whole lot of hurt for awhile…

As he should be.

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