10 Chilling Examples of How Hillary Clinton is a Bigot [VIDEO]

10 Chilling Examples of How Hillary Clinton is a Bigot [VIDEO]

Well, I have to say that Trump has really nailed it this time. He says Hillary is the bigot and only sees people of color as votes, not human beings in deservance of a brighter future.

Of course he’s right. She’s all for herself and no one else, and I mean… NO ONE.

Now here’s a few examples of who Hillary really is…and it’s not pretty.


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The mainstream media are reacting with shock, horror, and outrage. CNN, for example, could not come up with a substantive response to the accusation, so it played a video of a woman in the audience, interpreting her facial expression as criticism of Trump. To the brainwashed, it is easier to laugh at an inconvenient truth than to think about it.

But the charge is true. Hillary Clinton spent her early political years pandering clumsily to conservative white voters. In 2008, after attempting, belatedly and badly, to pander to black voters in the Democratic presidential primary, Clinton tried appealing to white voters once again. Clinton’s new attacks are just the latest iteration of her obsession with whiteness, which she courts when she thinks she is impressing conservatives, and trashes when she panders to liberals.

1. Black “super-predators.” In the 1990s, the Clintons sold themselves as Democrats who would, unlike liberals, attack the Sister Souljahs of the world. Hence her attack on “super-predators,” a remark whose racial tinge Clinton now says she regrets.

2. “Ah don’t feel no ways TAHRD.” In 2007, Clinton tried to foreclose the challenge of an Obama insurgency by appealing to the black community. The result was cringeworthy, and the outreach did not last longer than her lead in the primary polls.

3. Attack on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. After Obama shocked Clinton in Iowa in 2008, she tried to undercut his appeal by talking down the civil rights icon in favor of Lyndon Johnson, the white politician who, she said, deserved the real credit.

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Holy cow! That was hard to get through, but powerful in point! She is so fake that you can feel the icky’ness of it RIGHT THROUGH the screen as you’re watching her on video!

It’s disgusting.

How do her followers not see through this…?

Brainwashed zombies.

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