Former Hillary Adviser Speaks Out – Reveals the Truth About Hillary

Former Hillary Adviser Speaks Out – Reveals the Truth About Hillary

Hillary is a princess and I mean that in the WORST way possible. I just learned on that the woman hasn’t even driven a car since the late 90’s!!!! That’s just absurd.

…and I’m jealous.

Anyhow! This woman has a lot to hide and her past is catching up with her. Obviously a woman as vile as her has burned a lot of people in her past. Now one of her former advisers is unleashing all his secrets on her…

Princess Hillary cannot relate to the people, not in the least bit. Yet her entire campaign is based on the idea that she can and does… it sickening.

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Check this out…

From Young Conservatives:

From Western Journalism:

While younger adults might only associate narratives like her email scandal and the Benghazi attack with the former secretary of state, former Clinton adviser Dick Morris recently detailed what he described as her decades-long tendency of creating a bad situation and making it worse.

The author and political analyst appeared on USA Radio’s Trending Today USA this week and told host Rusty Humphries he believes Clinton’s problems stem from the fact that she “has lived in a complete bubble from 1978 on.”

From the governor’s mansion in Arkansas to the White House to the U.S. Senate to the State Department, Morris noted, Clinton has received some “unbelievable perks” along the way.

“The key fact about this election,” he said, “is that Donald Trump has high negatives because of the things he has said and Hillary has high negatives because of the things she has done — and Donald Trump can change his tune.”

On the other hand, Morris noted Clinton cannot change her past. In fact, he said she has only continued to make matters worse by not addressing controversies openly and honestly.

She is “incapable of telling the truth and ties herself in knots,” he asserted, prompting Humphries to press his guest for an aspect of the Clinton saga that has not yet been fully explored.

“Go all the way back there, 40 years later, and you’ll see it’s coming back to haunt her now,” he added. “That’s how Hillary works. She gets herself in more and more trouble.

This guy isn’t always the best of informants, but he’s nailed this one right on the money. Here, listen for yourself… the guy makes some seriously valid points.

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