Thug Brutally Beats Woman – Bystanders TAKE PHOTOS Instead of Helping [VIDEO]

Thug Brutally Beats Woman – Bystanders TAKE PHOTOS Instead of Helping [VIDEO]

This is just horrific. And the people who watched it happen make it even more so. The video below shows a woman walking along who is confronted by a thug, who brutally kicks her and then punches her, knocking her out. He then casually walks away. She’s white, he’s black. The bystanders all look like black men. This didn’t happen in Europe, it happened on a street in Pennsylvania. Five men callously take pictures of the unconscious woman. One steals her cellphone. No one calls 911.

What does it say about our culture that not one of these asshats thought to call 911? Not one of them checked to see if she was still alive or if they could help her. The only thing they did was steal from her and take pics via their phones for social media. These aren’t humans, they are animals. In fact, unbelievably, according to KDKA, a witness saw one of the bystanders lay beside the unconscious woman and take a selfie. That’s just cold as hell and downright evil.

“They actually come back. A kid lays beside her and takes a selfie,” the witness told the station. The woman laid there unconscious until she finally came to. She’s lucky she wasn’t raped or murdered or both. Surveillance cameras caught all of this. I hope the police track every one of these monsters down. “They don’t treat animals like that. They wouldn’t treat a dog that way,” the woman’s mother told the station. The incident took place more than a month ago in Beechview.

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Pittsburgh police are still investigating the attack and believe they have good leads on the woman’s attacker. If the police have good leads, why isn’t someone in custody? Why is it taking so long? There is no excuse for not having these thugs in custody by now. They have them on video. The police surely know who a number of them are.

“It’s disgusting. My daughter needs help,” the girl’s mother said. I agree and I don’t blame this mother for being incensed. These dogs should be tracked down and dealt with. You know they’ve done it before and they’ll do worse next time. A source who provided the video said in a text, “They didn’t help her. They took what looks like her phone while she’s out cold.”

KDKA’s Marty Griffin went to Broadway Avenue in Beechview where he found the woman in the video on the streets. She’s a drug addict with several arrests, mostly on drug charges. No one deserves to be done that way, period. When first approached, she panicked and ran off, then KDKA’s Marty Griffin called her mother to the scene. She spotted her daughter several blocks away and approached her.

The mother had this to say: “I’ll do anything possible to help her, but I’m raising her daughter, and now her daughter has to come first. I told her about you and offered to pick her up and take her away from this situation. She said if I didn’t someone was going to kill her. That’s why we are here… to get her help.” Hopefully, thanks to this reporter, this woman will stay in rehab and get some help. She is doing much better now and the mother has thanked the reporter, the doctor and the police for the help they have given her daughter. They probably saved her life.

Now, if they can just arrest these dirtbags. They say they believe they know who is responsible. My money’s on a dealer. Throw him in jail and let someone punch him around and see how it feels.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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