Thug RAPES Girlfriend’s One Year-Old Daughter – What He Does Next Is Even Worse.

Thug RAPES Girlfriend’s One Year-Old Daughter – What He Does Next Is Even Worse.

Arrested in Pennsylvania, Joshua Gurto is charged with horrible crimes.

The 37 year-old was taken in custody for the rape and murder of his girlfriend’s daughter, one year-old Sereniti.

Mother Kelsie and Baby Sereniti

The attack occurred on October 7th at his girlfriend’s home in Ohio, where the toddler was brutally raped and suffered blunt force trauma that resulted in her death. Gurto had been dating the girl’s mother, Kelsie, at the time. She is not under suspicion and is not up for any charges in the death.

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After being initially questioned in the baby girl’s death, Gurto went on the run and has been in hiding for the past three weeks before police caught up with him. At the time that they were made aware of the death of the girl, there was not enough evidence for the police to arrest him. He was located last night at a gas station, wearing a camouflage jacket.

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The police, at the time of Gurto’s arrest, were just outside hiding in a wooded area when they saw him hitch a ride with a truck driver, who did not recognize the wanted man. The police recorded information about the truck and were able to contact the driver, who was able to tell the officers where he had dropped Gurto off, allowing the police to find his location in Pennsylvania. It was there that the officers found him in the parking lot of a Sheetz gas station.

Upon questioning, Gurto admitted his identity to the police, who searched his backpack to find he had a map of Pennsylvania and a map of New Jersey as well as a tent. At the time, a $5,000 reward had been offered for information on Gurto’s location and activities. He is now in jail for the charges of aggravated rape and murder.

There is a Facebook group called Justice for Sereniti that has well over 10,000 members and has been sharing information and photos of Joshua Gurto in their attempt to make sure he would be apprehended. They have not yet updated the group since the news of his arrest has been made public.

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