VIDEO: A Care Worker, 26, is Suspended for Performing Sexual Webcam Show in Front of Dementia Patient!

VIDEO: A Care Worker, 26, is Suspended for Performing Sexual Webcam Show in Front of Dementia Patient!

In yet another tiresome display of classlessness, a young woman has engaged in inappropriate behavior at work, on video and in front of dementia patients and the staff. Why is she only suspended? Why hasn’t she been fired? Her behavior is inexcusable. Scroll down for video.

From the Daily Mail:

A care worker broadcast live footage online from a patient’s bedroom of her twerking and flashing her cleavage while on the job at a dementia home.

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Shnae Barton, 26, streamed the video through Periscope and is shown posing in front of the camera and talking freely about sexual preferences and smoking cannabis.

An elderly patient can even be seen receiving treatment from another member of staff the background of the video, taken at Wells Place in south Croydon, as she makes the rude gestures.

Barton goes as far as to film another carer cleaning the leg of the frail and vulnerable woman, as people watching the video online egg Barton on.

After telling the woman that they are going to give her a wash, she undoes her uniform before flashing her breasts at the camera, standing right next to the woman’s head.

Confronted with the video by The Sun, Barton is reported to have replied: ‘These people have dementia — they don’t remember.’

It is understood that she has since been suspended from her position as an assistant carer at the dementia home in south London.

This woman is ridiculous and a really terrible employee. She is creating pornography on company time, no doubt while the patients languish, unattended. What if she was your employee? See video below.


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