[WATCH] As High School Teen Boy THRASHES a GIRL in a Classroom!

[WATCH] As High School Teen Boy THRASHES a GIRL in a Classroom!

Chivalry is dead, just step into almost any public high school in the nation. In this school, as in so many others, fists fly at the slightest provocation. Boys are not gentlemen and girls are not ladies; many of them are thugs. Read on for details. Scroll down for video.

From the Daily Mail:

Video has emerged taken inside a high school showing a male student facing off with a female – and then repeatedly punching the girl.

The footage, taken inside an undisclosed American school, shows the female student apparently aggravating the male by ‘invading his space’, according to the online caption.

The boy then appears to snap, and a fight breaks out between the two.

The girl is quickly thrown against the wall and pummeled.

We need to turn back the clock on manners and proper social behavior. Moms and Dads, it’s up to us to train our children to be respectful and exert self-control when someone annoys us, instead of throwing a punch. See video below.


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