(VIDEO) #FERGUSON PROTESTERS Scream At, Harass & SPIT ON Rams Fans Outside Game – Two Taken Into Custody

Radical, racist protestors, ginned up by communist agitators and community organizers, got their violence on outside a Rams game yesterday. Screaming obscenities, spitting and punching innocent people, the mob made it known they were there for Michael Brown — the delinquent who went to meet his maker after assaulting a cop in Ferguson, Missouri. Two of the racist thugs were hauled off in cuffs for some alone time with their buds.

From Gateway Pundit:

So much for #Peaceful protests…

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Two Ferguson protesters were arrested today outside the Rams game.

This was after the protesters screamed at, punched and spit at Rams fans.

Mike Brown protesters – complete with their “f*ck the police” shirts and US flags in distress – marched outside the St. Louis Rams game today.

The protests quickly escalated.

One protesters started screaming and cussing at Rams fans and then SPIT ON HIS FACE!

“F*ck all ya’ll white mother f*ckers!”

The female Ferguson protester was immediately arrested after spitting on the Rams fan.

Protesters fought to regain control of a US flag that was carried by the protesters outside the Edward Jones Dome.

The protesters blamed the violence on a drunk Rams fan.

One “white woman” said she was punched by the protesters.

So much for peaceful protests from the Left. Nothing like racial hatred and some good old fashioned class warfare to get your day going. The game was just a bonus. Of course, the instigators tried to blame it on the fans. Unfortunately pics and video were taken – darn. Hey, any excuse to get down with your bad, racist, hateful self, right guys?

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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