Dallas Hospital Could Have Detected Ebola Immediately but FDA Wouldn’t Let It

Supposedly we don’t need freedom, because if we give it up, the authorities will keep us safe from all threats. Ebola has certainly ripped the lid off this lie. Not only has Big Government deliberately facilitated the importation of Ebola, it has prevented the early diagnosis that could be life-saving:

The Dallas hospital that sent home Thomas Eric Duncan the first time he showed up at the emergency room has a machine that could have detected Ebola in less than an hour – but doctors were barred from using it because of federal regulations.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital has treated three Ebola patients – Duncan, who died last week, and two of its own nurses who contracted the disease from Duncan. In each case, the hospital had to wait up to two days for confirmation that that patients were infected with the virus.

The Associated Press has also reported the medical records reveal nurses didn’t wear full protective gear while treating Duncan for two days while they awaited the results of his Ebola test.

The device is cheap by medical standards at $39,000. But lives were endangered as it sat unused because the bureauweenies at the FDA haven’t gotten around to approving it for detecting Ebola. Somebody at BioFire Diagnostics, which manufactures the device, needs to grease the wheels with a donation to the Democrat Party. Maybe they could repurpose some of the $240 million the federal government gave them to “hone the device to detect Ebola and other deadly pathogens,” which it apparently does quite well.

Or maybe the device isn’t necessary. We all know that the practice of taking passengers’ temperature is a joke, since Ebola vectors may not have a fever yet when they set off to avail themselves of free healthcare at our expense, or they may reduce their fevers with Tylenol. But officials were able to instantly determine that a passenger from Nigeria who vomited uncontrollably and then died on a flight into JFK did not have Ebola after only a cursory examination. They are encouraged to share their impressive expertise with others.

Passed along by G. Fox.

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