VIDEO: Madman Caught on Surveillance Camera Viciously Bashing a Cat Against a Wall

A few things here. First, as our readers probably know, people who will sadistically abuse defenseless animals tend to be the same people who ultimately sadistically abuse other humans. Second, there’s an interesting name. And third, this happened…at a Chinese restaurant?

We’ll shut up now.

From TheBlaze:

A man who was caught on video viciously beating a cat inside a Brooklyn bodega on Friday has been charged with a misdemeanor for animal cruelty.

Zaid Salah, 28, was caught on security camera footage chasing the feline into New People’s Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, before picking it up and slamming it several times into the store’s walls as the cat fiercely struggled to escape, according to the New York Daily News. Salah eventually can be seen chucking the cat through a partition into the kitchen as a shocked witness stands by and watches the scene unfold.

“He was crazy,” said Wu Ling, who was working at the counter at the time, according to the Daily News. “He opened the door and the cat came inside. He beat the cat, he smashed the cat, he threw the cat against the wall.”

We’ve got the video. Notice how when he’s done he goes outside and lays down?

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