THE REACTION IS PREDICTABLE: Woman Scolds Man for Buying Son Firearm, In Texas…

…and the bystanders aren’t impressed with her point of view.

WideOpenCountry has it and it’s entertaining stuff – though there is an element of artificiality to this, seeing as though it’s a Candid Camera-style setup for an ABC reality show…

Firearms are a big part of Texan culture. Many Texans learn how to use firearms for both sport shooting and hunting at an early age. Naturally, many Texans are given their first guns when they are kids, which is why Texas was an interesting setting for this social experiment.

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This clip comes from ABC’s hidden camera show What Would You Do?, a program that puts actors in real-life settings to see how bystanders will react to challenging social situations. This episode takes place at the Nardis Gun Shop in San Antonio, a city that has one of the largest military populations in the nation. One actor plays a father who is buying his son his first gun on his seventh birthday. Another actor plays a woman who scolds the father for buying his son the firearm. As the show progresses, the father offers to buy his son more powerful types of firearms, starting with a .22 and ending with an AK-47.

The patrons of the store take the part of the gun-buying father, up until there’s an AK-47 as the weapon of choice. One would agree that it might be too much gun for a seven-year old.

Here’s the video clip…

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