VIDEO: After pervert flashes a woman on a bus, half a dozen women hit him

VIDEO: After pervert flashes a woman on a bus, half a dozen women hit him

This is the disgusting yet satisfying moment when a group of female passengers turned on a man after he had sexually harassed one of them while on a bus in Turkey.


From the Daily Mail:

The incident, caught on camera, showed the 34-year-old man, identified only by his initials AEA, being confronted by his victim after he allegedly showed her his genitals on the bus in Turkey’s north-western Kocaeli province.
The disgusted woman then starts beating the accused harasser, and when he does not react, other women on the bus join in, with some of them kicking him.

As the blows grew more and more frequent, he was forced to try and climb off the bus when the doors opened.
But he was then grabbed by another passenger after trying to flee when the bus doors opened.
Eyewitnesses said when the woman realised what the man was showing her, she screamed and started hitting him, and then the other women joined in.

They said the police were quickly on the scene because the bus driver had only opened the doors when he was driving alongside the Basiskele Police Station.

Police interviewed the victim, and he was arrested and is currently in custody.

Good! Kick him harder! We can’t have fellas swinging around their dinguses all willy-nilly like that.

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