Vegan lactivist sues for $30,000 after she was told to stop breastfeeding in pool with wave machine

Vegan lactivist sues for $30,000 after she was told to stop breastfeeding in pool with wave machine

A mother is suing her local recreational center for £20,000 after she was stopped from breastfeeding in its swimming pool.


From the Daily Mail:

Abbie Stocker, 27, was feeding eight-month-old Eric while the wave machine was on and a lifeguard became concerned mother and son might be in difficulty.


Mrs Stocker, who describes herself as a ‘vegan lactivist’ and is a breastfeeding support volunteer, was instead asked to use a chair by the swimming pool instead of feeding in the water.

Witnesses at Pendle Wavelengths in Nelson, Lancashire, claim she then had a row with management and rushed off to the changing rooms.

Weeks after the incident Mrs Stocker, who still breastfeeds her three-year-old daughter Abbie, is now suing the leisure centre for £20,000. She said: ‘The way they handled it was not positive. They could have learned from it but they chose not to.’It has happened at a few other places but it was the way they have handled it in a fantastic manner.’They realised they have made the mistakes, have learned from it and introduced policies to stop it from happening to somebody else, which is why I have never taken action.’Breastfeeding women are no different to a disabled person or a person of a different nationality in the way you can’t discriminate against them’.

The leisure centre has not commented on the case but it is understood the staff were worried for the child’s safety – and did not stop her from feeding. A source said: ‘A lifeguard saw a mum feeding her baby inthe pool and thought she might be more comfortable sitting on a chair.

‘The wave machine was on at the time and the waves can getpretty strong when they reach the shore end of the pool. ‘The staff member thought the baby may become upset if hit with a wave, and was only trying to help.’ The source added: ‘Abbie then began saying it was againstthe law to stop a mum breastfeeding her child in public.
‘That was never the case and the centre welcomes and supports breastfeeding mums.’

Listen, I’m a fan of the mamary glands of woman, just like every other guy, but do people have a right to NOT see woman whipping it out in public? It’s an honest question to which I have no side. Is this right or wrong?

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