VIDEO: She Told Muslim Refugees She “Wanted To Help.” Then they pulled out the knife

VIDEO: She Told Muslim Refugees She “Wanted To Help.” Then they pulled out the knife


This video will definitely make you stop and think about the current refugee situation that France is currently struggling with. The Calais Jungle is one of the largest and most dangerous refugee camps. Placing such large numbers of refugees in one place has great risks and the danger can be pretty severe at times.

Maaike Engels felt the need to cover the situation in the Jungle and began work on creating a documentary of the struggles within the camp. Unfortunately, while she was working on the project and filming with her colleague, Teun Voeten, they were attacked by three refugees. They carried pepper spray and a knife and worked to steal the camera and other expensive equipment.

In a true show of both the good and bad available in these places, the two were saved when a larger group of refugees came to their aid and ran off the three men.

It truly showed the good and bad of these camps as well as the desperation that many find themselves in while driven from their homes.

She told Breitbart London:

‘We have been documenting the jungle since September. What we want to achieve is to show the complexity of the immigration problem.

‘The story is not one-sided but what is shown (and asked for by the media) is so much driven by emotions.

‘No durable policy can derive from that. First Aylan [Kurdi], then Paris, now [Cologne]. We just don’t want to take positions. [We want to] show all points of view. Both the refugees as well as the opponents’.

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