Trump’s White House To State Department Dissenters: If You Don’t Like Travel Ban, Then Quit


Frankly, the concerns with this new order and its implementation are not limited only to liberals. Many conservatives have found themselves deeply concerned and disturbed by the temporary ban and the longer lasting ban of Syrian refugees. Many feel that the vetting process is already sufficient enough. Donald Trump has also limited the number of refugees allowed into the country by more than half the annual allotment.

Even within parties the debate is tenuous at best. Donald Trump is trying to protect Americans, but is the cost too great?

That being said, many government officials are resisting the new policy.

According to the Daily Caller:

Spicer’s response came after a question raised the recently leaked dissent memo, reportedly supported by dozens of state department employees. Diplomats can use the dissent channel to oppose U.S. government policy, which was set up after the Vietnam war to avoid group think.

A copy of the memo obtained by The Washington Post declares that, “We are better than this ban,” and continuing, “Looking beyond its effectiveness, this ban stands in opposition to the core American and constitutional values that we, as federal employees, took an oath to uphold.”

Spicer said The White House is aware of the dissent memo but said that diplomats can “either get with the program or they can go.”

He continued: “The president has a very clear vision. He’s been clear on it since the campaign. He’s been clear on it since taking office, that he’s going to put this safety of this country first,” adding, “if somebody has a problem with that agenda then that does call into question whether or not they should continue in that post or not.”

The end is still unsure, but Trump has made his position clear. He doesn’t care to hear anyone disagree with him.


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