Viewers Are Shocked At Disgraceful Behavior Of Parents As Their Girls Brutally Beat Each Other [VIDEO]

Viewers Are Shocked At Disgraceful Behavior Of Parents As Their Girls Brutally Beat Each Other [VIDEO]

The most boring girl fight video on the planet is causing tons of backlash towards the people in the video, but it’s not directed towards the girls who are fighting. The backlash is towards the people in the video that we cannot see. The other people in the video are the parents of one of the girls who are fighting. Instead of breaking up the fight, the parents are coaching the girl on how to beat up the other girl.

The video was posted online and has gone crazy viral ever since. The girl fight video shows two girls beating each other, poorly, in the woods. These girls are horrible at fighting and look like they don’t even want to fight. It really seems like the one girl, whose parents are there coaching her, have forced her into the fight. At one point, the absolutely boring fight stops and the mother threatens to beat her child if she stops fighting.

Maybe someone should beat the mother for being such a horrible parent.

Here is the most boring girl fight video in history. Watch it, then we’ll dive into more details.

Behind the camera are the brunette’s parents, who watch their daughter and the other teen hit each other, pull each other’s hair, and curse at each other. The parents cheer their daughter on, telling her to keep fighting.

At one point, the blond teen stops to ask her opponent, “Why do you have all these parents with you?”

The brunette’s parents continue cheering, and her father gives her advice as she fights.

“Lock her legs!” Her father shouts.

The girl’s mother is a bit more vulgar than her father. She tells her daughter, “Don’t stop or I’m beatin’ yo a**. You better not stop Nicole or I’m beatin’ yo a** plain and simple.”

“She ain’t done, she’s still f***ing talking,” the mother says. “Still running that f***ing c***sucker like she does best.”

The mother also tells her daughter to “f*** her up for prom.” She adds, “she’s gonna love that.”

Let’s point out that we have no idea what these girls are fighting for. It seems like one of them was running her mouth and then they ran into the girl in the woods, then the parents made the other girl fight her. That’s just my guess. I could be totally wrong. Another scenario is the girl who does not have her parents there might be a bully and the other girl finally caught her alone. If that’s the case, then I guess the fight was justified. However, it’s still sad to see parents trying to coach their girl into a fight. It was really sick to hear the mother threaten to beat her own child if the kid stopped hitting the other girl.

Can we talk about how parenting should be a little more intelligent than this? Parents forcing their kid to beat someone up instead of resolving a conflict in a more meaningful way is just pure trash. If you’re looking for white trash on the Internet, then here it is. Full blown, unintelligent, white trash is what these people are.

What would’ve been better? Take a walk with the girls and figure out the problem and create a solution that doesn’t make you go viral on the Internet and point out your horrible parenting. Let’s all be glad they didn’t make a video to document this horrible parenting and make it go viral! Oh wait, they sure did!

It’s one thing to have people randomly break out into a fight, but having your parents there to force you into fighting someone has got to be an issue with child protective services. If it’s not, then it’s just bad decision making on the side of the parents.

The only way I could ever justify this is if the other girl is a bully who kept picking on or hitting the other girl. If that’s the case, then by all means beat the snot out of her.

Every bully has their day coming to them and if that’s what happened, then oh well.

If it’s just bad parenting, then so be it. Lash out at them and let them know you’re upset to see a mother threaten to beat her own child if she stops hurting someone.

Sick, nasty, degenerate white trash is what I see.

Frank Lea

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