Woman Discovers Her Fate After Wrongly Impregnated With The Wrong Sperm [PHOTOS]

Woman Discovers Her Fate After Wrongly Impregnated With The Wrong Sperm [PHOTOS]

A woman wanted to have a baby, but could not get pregnant with her partner because she’s a lesbian. According to science, two women can’t get each other pregnant, so they had to think of a different way to have a child. And, you know, raise the poor kid having no father and two squeamish looking mothers.

The two lot lizards went to the local sperm bank and signed up to get one of the lesbians knocked up by artificial insemination. The women picked out a white sperm donor and proceeded with the procedure. The one lady was impregnated and then later found out that she was given the wrong sperm sample. A clerical error is the reason these two white women were about to have a black child.

She eventually gave birth to the child, who came out looking very racially mixed and the child was healthy. Regardless of the how healthy and beautiful the little girl was, the mother still sued the sperm bank. The case, in which I believe they sued for “wrongful birth,” was dismissed on account of the child being healthy. Had the child been born with some health issues, then they may have had a case towards the sperm bank.

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Regardless, the sperm back still offered a partial refund.

Jennifer Cramblett filed a lawsuit against Midwest Sperm Bank alleging wrongful birth and breach of warranty. Judge Ronald Sutter threw out the case, reports The Guardian. The judge told Cramblett she would be able to refile the lawsuit under a negligence claim.

Cramblett became pregnant through artificial insemination in 2011. She and her partner, Amanda Zinkon, chose a white sperm donor but due to a clerical error she was impregnated with a black man’s sperm instead

That’s actually kind of hilarious. Oops, you two white lesbians get a little black girl! It’s very sad that they sued because they were blessed with a healthy child and that’s literally a miracle of life in their hands. They should appreciate and love every bit of their new child.

Unfortunately, the girl may not ever know or have a father and that’s just sad.  Many kids grow up without a father, but sometimes the Dad comes back around in the child’s life. For this girl, she has literally no chance. She has two selfish lesbian moms and no father. There might be a chance that they can connect a sperm donor with their child, but how often does that happen? And is that even legal? Perhaps the child grows up and searches for her daddy, but that’s a long way from now and a tough road to challenge.

Cramblett said that she loves her 3-year-old daughter, but that she was raised around stereotypical views of minorities and that she has “limited cultural competency” with African-Americans.

Sutter said that the case could not proceed under either of those standards.

Midwest Sperm Bank’s attorney Bob Summers argued during the case that “wrongful birth” does not apply if the baby is born healthy

She better love her daughter. It doesn’t matter what her experience with African-Americans is. She has a daughter whom she can raise the way she feels is proper. Just because her child is part African-American, that doesn’t dictate the way she should raise her child. Raise the kid right and hope that they do well and succeed in life. That’s all you can do for your kids and it has nothing to do with their color.

Race is not an issue when you’re raising a child.

I believe it’s selfish for gay and lesbian people to adopt or make children using artificial insemination. It must be very tough on children to grow up in a household where they’re lacking one parent or the other. How does one explain to a small child that they have two mothers and no father? It’s great that people love their children, but it must be very difficult on the child growing up.

Kids are mean and they always will be.

Forcing a child to grow up with two moms or two dads must be a struggle for the children.

I think it’s rather selfish of the couple to do that to a child. Kids have it hard enough at school, so why torture them with this?

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