WATCH: Black Man Caught Committing FAKE HATE CRIMES Against Black Churches

WATCH: Black Man Caught Committing FAKE HATE CRIMES Against Black Churches

In Morristown, New Jersey someone has been vandalizing churches. Over the weekend, police arrested a man in connection with the crimes. Zuri C. Towns, 45, has since confessed to breaking signs and windows at the predominantly African-American churches. Towns attended church as a child at one of the churches. He was charged with four counts of criminal mischief. He was caught on surveillance video vandalizing a church, so confessing was just about all he could do. Some say these were fake hate crimes.

Authorities have now ruled out racism as a motive, since it was a black man who committed the vandalism. Towns says he acted alone. In the security footage, Towns is wearing a hoodie and a jacket. He walks fast up to the corner of the Church of God in Christ for All Saints in Morristown around 6:45 am on Saturday and half-heartedly throws a rock at the front of the church. “It wasn’t a good throw, he wasn’t a strong guy,” 17 year-old Tahj Valentine said prior to the arrest, as he vacuumed up glass before services Sunday. “He side-armed it, he’s obviously not a baseball player.”

Valentine added that, “The devil is not going to stop us. But he’s welcome to come here and repent.” “We’re going to pray for him now,” fellow church-goer Porsche Robinson interjected. “We can’t be fearful.” It makes you wonder why Towns hated Christians and churches enough to do something like this. Pastor Robert Rogers has been closely watching his church’s security footage since a gunman killed 26 people in a church shooting in rural Texas earlier this month. It would be even better if he was armed and armed those in his church as well. Other churches are already doing that.

Pastor Rogers said that his son gave the footage to the police, which prosecutors said led to Towns’ arrest. But I think it is worth pointing out, that initially they just assumed the attacks were race-based. That’s a big mistake. The five damaged churches are Church of God in Christ for All Saints, Bethel A.M.E. Church, Calvary Baptist Church and Union Baptist Church, in Morristown; and Morristown Church of Christ in Morris Township.

“You would never think this would happen in a place of worship,” Rogers said, stating his flock is shaken. “It’s a sacred place. You don’t desecrate places of worship, but I guess we’re living in different times. I guess this is what happens now. We’re not going to let this stop us from worshipping,” he added. And he shouldn’t, but he should also take steps to ensure the safety of parishioners there, which means carrying a weapon at all times and knowing how to use it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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