WATCH: Dem. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Suffers Humiliating NOSEBLEED During Live MSNBC Interview

WATCH: Dem. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Suffers Humiliating NOSEBLEED During Live MSNBC Interview

Well, this is awkward and embarrassing. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) did a live interview on MSNBC and had a nosebleed which she seemed unaware of. This happened today. She sat through the entire interview with blood oozing from her nose. It is just bizarre. When MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing cut to Jackson Lee’s camera feed, the member of the Congressional Black Caucus said “Get away!” and motions for someone off camera to keep back. She kept looking at them as if she’s warning them off. Jackson Lee then went through the entire seven-minute interview without wiping her nose.

The blood was obvious and very visible. She never wiped it away or seemed to feel its presence. The interview lasted an absolute eternity. I can’t imagine not feeling that – it would at least tickle. When I get a bloody nose, I know it immediately. MSNBC took no notice of it and didn’t comment on it at all. They didn’t apprise Lee even off air that she had a nosebleed. But at least it complimented the color of her blazer.

This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Lee should have listened to whoever was trying to help her. Obviously, they saw that she had a bloody nose and were trying to notify her of it. She’s only 67, but she’s acting like she’s impaired somehow. The wackiness from the Dems just keeps on giving. And this one is just strange and kind of gross.

I couldn’t focus on what she was saying because I kept watching blood drip out of her nose. It was mesmerizing and distracting. Could it get more awkward? And the hosts on MSNBC must have been deliberately NOT noticing it. Because, man… it’s right there for the world to see. Is it that Democrats just can’t feel? I keep thinking of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s fly episodes.

Lee was discussing Al Franken. I couldn’t help but wonder if the blood was going to run into her open mouth at some point. No one thought to hand her a Kleenex? I’m not way familiar with live interviews, but shouldn’t Lee have been able to see her own face at some point? I just can’t get over that no one managed to convey to the woman that she had blood dribbling down her lip from above. I guarantee you no one listened to her because they were watching the blood. So icky and so humiliating. I almost feel sorry for the commie moonbat. Almost.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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