WATCH: Horrifying Moment Texas Woman Is Robbed By Armed Thugs Outside Her Own Home

WATCH: Horrifying Moment Texas Woman Is Robbed By Armed Thugs Outside Her Own Home

This is a horrifying crime that took place in Killeen, Texas. A 22 year-old woman was on her front porch when two masked men ran up on her with drawn guns and robbed her. The woman cringes and screams the whole time, like that would do a bit of good. It would have been better if she was actually armed herself and had shot them. This business of not questioning what is going on around you and having zero situational awareness these days is just asking for it. That’s just the truth and how I see it.

The video was published on LiveLeak and then the Daily Mail ran with it. Let me tell you something… the guy with her doesn’t look shocked and they don’t aim the guns at him. My gut tells me he’s complicit somehow. And sure enough, he turned out to be a guy who knocked on her door for help. The video was taken on the home owner’s video surveillance system. I have lots of questions here, starting with the guy she was talking to and wondering why the robbers didn’t take her phone. She was on the phone to 911 when they robbed her.

22 year-old Davieon Reed, along with three other suspects, identified as Gjavion Smith-Williams, 17, Jamal Marbury, 18 and Daquan Lavant, were all arrested after they were found in two vehicles parked nearby. A juvenile was also taken into custody. While Reed was distracting her, pretending to be a concerned neighbor, they busted in her windows in the front of the home.

Police officers found weapons and the clothing the suspects were seen wearing in the home surveillance video inside the vehicles. Bail has been set at $100,000 by Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke for each of the suspects in question. All of the adult suspects have been transferred to Bell County Jail.

This robbery was a classic set-up. They had obviously been casing the home and knew the woman was there alone. They waited until dark and then put their plan into action. I’d like to know what they got away with. I didn’t see them take anything, but they may have in the front of the home through the windows. These guys aren’t very bright and they suck at crime. Not to mention the guy who was the distraction was easily identified to begin with. In fact, I wouldn’t have believed this was a real robbery except it’s validated by police. God bless moronic criminals. They make the officers’ jobs much easier.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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