Saggy-Pants Thug Tries To Rob Patriot – Gets INSTANT Dose Of Justice [VIDEO]

Saggy-Pants Thug Tries To Rob Patriot – Gets INSTANT Dose Of Justice [VIDEO]

Police in North Carolina are confirming details of a shooting, where a would-be burglar was shot by a homeowner right after he himself had shot another man four times.

Probably not how the robber thought his night would turn out. He probably should’ve thought this one through: North Carolina has only basic gun control laws and freely allows for open carry, but still demands that purchasers obtain permits for their guns, as felons are not permitted to own them. Also, there’s such a thing as karma.

Around 9 p.m. last Sunday, Robert Earl Gunn from nearby Lillington, was shot on a street in a mobile home park in Bunnlevel. More rounds had been fired, with bullet holes later found in an occupied vehicle near the site, but the rider was not harmed.

Bunnlevel, North Carolina

Gunn, 40, was hospitalized and originally listed in critical condition, but he is expected to survive after having several surgeries.

Then, around 10 p.m., authorities received another call, this time from Lillington. The person calling told 911 that someone had tried to break into their home and that they had shot the would-be burglar. When police arrived, they identified the robber has Raquan Moore. The 21 year-old had been shot once and moved to a hospital in a stable condition.

County police say that Raquan Moore had been the one to shoot Gunn an hour previously and that they had warrants for his arrest. The charges against Moore include assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and six counts of shooting an occupied vehicle. Moore, being a felon, is also facing one count of firearm possession which is forbidden due to his criminal status. And that’s still not all: Moore is also wanted for first-degree burglary despite being shot in the middle of his attempt.

Earlier this week we wrote about an incident at a Taco Bell in Ohio where two would-be robbers entered the fast food restaurant after 2 a.m. to find that three of the employees were concealed carrying their own weapons. One robber fled and the other was shot several times. The man who was shot had previous drug trafficking convictions and was found by police laying on the floor of the restaurant, with a handgun still at his right side. Taco Bell leaves the decisions about whether employees may carry guns up to the individual franchise owners and all of the employees were offered counselling.

Here’s the video from local media showing a few interviews with locals describing the incidents:

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