Who Are These Thugs? The Brutal Moment a 60-Yr-Old Jewish Man is Beaten in Savage Mugging

Who Are These Thugs? The Brutal Moment a 60-Yr-Old Jewish Man is Beaten in Savage Mugging

It takes a certain kind of evil — and a certain kind of coward — to brutally attack a 60-year-old man. But that’s exactly what these thugs did.


Surveillance video shows 60-year-old victim Eli Weinstein as he is shoved to the ground on a Midwood, Brooklyn street before he is repeatedly punched in the face by an attacker wearing a hoodie early Monday.

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After punching him about four times during the 12.50am attack, the assailant is then seen turning Weinstein over as he lies on the ground and rifling through his pockets as they are next to a parked car.

Another assailant wearing a hoodie is seen shortly after running over before also going through Weinstein’s pockets.

At one point, Weinstein is seen lifting his head before he is punched in the face by the first assailant.

As they appear to reportedly take his iPhone and wallet, the first assailant is seen after a short time standing up over Weinstein and brutally kicking him in the head twice.

The video then shows the second assailant running off before the first attacker punches Weinstein and kicks him in the head once more before fleeing from the scene.

Weinstein’s friend called Hatzalah who arrived at the scene and transported the victim to Maimonides Medical Center where he was treated and released, the New York Daily News reported.

The surveillance video was taken from a nearby home and has since been obtained by authorities.

The New York Police Department’s Hate Crimes Task Force was notified about the attack and does not believe that it was bias motivated, NYPD officials told JPUpdates.

Hopefully, this video will help catch the thugs responsible. And once caught, they should be thrown into prison for a long, long, long time.

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