Nine-Year-Old Stabbed, But the Feds Won’t Cooperate Because the Suspect Is…

Nine-Year-Old Stabbed, But the Feds Won’t Cooperate Because the Suspect Is…

Was the San Bernardino shooting really the first terrorist attack perpetrated by ISIS militants? It seems that the answer may be no, considering the evidence surrounding the stabbing of a nine-year-old boy in Staten Island.

jermaine culver

An alleged jihadist arrested in June on charges that he plotted to blow up Times Square may also be the fiend who stabbed a 9-year-old Staten Island boy in the neck five months earlier in what some investigators now believe was a botched ISIS audition.

But NYPD detectives investigating the Jan. 9 knife attack have been frustrated by the feds, who won’t give them access to terror suspect Fareed Mumuni, said a source familiar with the probe.

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A surveillance camera on a home across the street captured a stocky attacker as he stalked the boy from behind on Union Avenue before grabbing him around the neck and stabbing him in his back, head, neck and arm.

Jermaine Culver is seen stumbling a few steps before he regains his footing and runs.

“It looks like he’s trying to kill that kid,” said Luis Padilla, 44, the home’s owner. “He went straight for the jugular.”

Following the savagery, Jermaine was afraid to leave the hospital. The shell-shocked boy was eventually sent to live with an aunt in Atlanta.

“But he’s alive and fine and well,” said his 21-year-old brother, Shawn Williams.

Williams said the family remains in the dark about his case a year later.

“We still don’t know,” he said. “It seems like the cops gave up on it.”

According to the FBI director, James Comey, there is an ISIS presence in all 50 states, so why is this not being taken more seriously? Oh, wait — that’s right. We have a useless president who could care less that ISIS is waging war on this country.

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