Wife forced into arranged marriage kills 15 of her in-laws in botched bid to poison her husband

Wife forced into arranged marriage kills 15 of her in-laws in botched bid to poison her husband

Aasia Bibi, 21, was forced to marry 25 year-old Amjad Akram in September and needless to say she wasn’t pleased with her life as a mandatory bride. Two months into their marriage, Bibi formulated a plot to murder her husband and be with the man she truly loved.

She poisoned the milk that he was supposed to drink, but instead of actually drinking it, his mother-in-law made a traditional yogurt-based drink with it. She then served it to 27 of her daughter-in-law’s relatives.

Shortly after consuming the “Lassi,” all of the family members were taken to the hospital while exhibiting signs of poisoning. 15 of them died in the hospital, while 12 of them remain in critical condition.

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After arresting the woman, the police released a statement on the incident.

“Aasia was forced to marry Amjad against her will,” they noted. “She was not happy and came back to her parents’ house after a few days into marriage but her family forcibly sent her back to her in-laws’ house.”

“Aasia concocted the plot to avenge being married against her will and was provided with poisonous substance by her alleged lover, Shahid Lashari. But the plot went awry when Aasia’s husband did not drink the glass of milk she handed to him. Instead, her mother-in-law used the tainted milk to make Lassi.”

The young woman denied the allegations made against her and gave her side of the story, despite police stating that she had confessed to the crime while in custody.

“Shahid told me to poison the beverage but I didn’t do it,” she confessed. “He asked me to marry him but I refused.”

Well, then, how did the poison make it into the food?

There are two schools of thought on this that I can see. The first is that she shouldn’t be punished because she wasn’t trying to harm the family, just the man that she was forced to marry against her will. I think the backward practice of arranged marriage should be abolished, because it treats women like property. But as soon as you kill your husband’s family. suddenly you’re a person again.

The second is that she should receive punishment because while her husband may not have been the best guy on the planet (I don’t know this to be a fact), his family was arguably innocent of any atrocity he may have committed.

Of course the court system isn’t going to be in favor of a woman, but we’ll just have to wait and see how this shakes out.

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