Married couple severely abused young children & made them brush their teeth with cat feces

Married couple severely abused young children & made them brush their teeth with cat feces

Another story of abuse involving a couple from Texas. This husband and wife pair are under arrest for gravely injuring their three little children by using cruel and unusual methods like making them brush their teeth with cat feces and also using belts and sticks, as well as a dog shock collar to ‘discipline’ them.

The two being charged are James Howard Chalkley, 32, and his wife Cheyanne, 22. They both were charged for abusing their three year-old son, as well as abusing the two girls who are five and ten years-old. Their father is James, though Cheyanne is their stepmother.

When their five year-old girl went to class with bruises on her arm, the teacher alerted the authorities immediately and stated that she saw signs of abuse on the child. CPS then went into the home and removed the children. When the social workers interviewed the children, they found out that there was a lot more to their abuse than just hitting. When asked about what happened inside the home, the children told the CPS that one time their father James had become furious, believing that they had left cat feces in a closet on purpose.

They alleged that James had taken the feces and smeared it all over two of the children, but then forced the five year-old to put it in her mouth and eat it. Not only that, but she was also forced to use a toothbrush with the cat feces on it and was made to brush so hard that her gums allegedly bled.

CPS also discovered that the father allegedly had used the dog’s shock collar on the children as a form of punishment. Then there was the regular belt and lemon tree branch that was used to whip them as well. CPS is not new to this household. They had been called to this home on three other occasions as well, so you can imagine that a fourth time would not have gone well for the parents. I’m not one to just jump on and blame the parents for abuse without evidence, but judging by the arrest made, there seems to be plenty to go off of.

This is an ugly case and they exist all over the world, let alone this country. Where is the line in discipline for children? Surely that line is crossed every time you ‘discipline’ out of anger instead of love. I’ve never heard of anyone using feces as a loving form of discipline.

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