NY professor says having a ‘white nuclear family with children you want what’s best for’ is white supremacy

NY professor says having a ‘white nuclear family with children you want what’s best for’ is white supremacy

Go ahead and leave it to the sociology professor to claim that ‘white nuclear families’ with of course white children, is OF COURSE a very clear sign of white supremacy.

The professor is named Jessie Daniels and she is a self-declared ‘internationally recognized expert on Internet manifestations of racism’. I know, didn’t think that one existed, huh? Daniels, believe it or not, teaches at the City University of New York and has used the power of her twitter account to insert her foot into her mouth:

“Part of what I’ve learned is that the white nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy.” That right there was her proud thought of the week. That has now been deleted. I wonder why?

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According to her tweet, she meant that ‘forming a white family’ and of course procreating ‘white children that “you want what’s best for”‘ does nothing but uphold racism and continues to be ‘part of the problem’.

If this wasn’t bad enough, she went on to claim that interracial couples also have a problem – that is, the white person of the relationship does. She claimed that there is a problem when the white person with multiracial children creates a problem because ‘your own racism or systemic white supremacy’ does not contribute or help. Daniels claims that the ‘feminist critique of The Family as an inherently conservative force in society’. Of course she was whining about the basic unit of society, while at the same time upholding that gay marriage had helped prevent such a unit from prevailing in academic circles.

This professor of nonsense and insults then went absolutely racist and claimed that something should be done about the racist white people stuff:

“White people: do you own your home? When you die, where’s wealth in that house going? If it’s to your children, you’re reproducing [inequality].”

As any sane and normal person would have thought, these tweets didn’t go over well for the rest of society that read her nonsense. Her blatant racism – against her own race – drew a lot of disapproval from the public and she has since put her account on private, no doubt after receiving numerous angry tweets.

Here’s the real question – why? Why do we even give this woman and others like her the time of day? Just let them speak their twisted minds and let us go about our day giving them no mind whatsoever. They post to get a reaction. Don’t give them a reaction and move on.

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