8-Year-Old Thought Something Was in Her Bedroom at Night. So Parents Set Up Camera and Saw THIS…

8-Year-Old Thought Something Was in Her Bedroom at Night. So Parents Set Up Camera and Saw THIS…

Busted! This is hysterical. An 8 year-old little girl complained to her parents that her toys were disappearing at night. They decided to videotape the hall outside her room to prove to her that nothing was happening. Oh, but it was! It turns out she has a 2 year-old brother who is a budding James Bond. He would quietly slip out of his room after everyone was asleep. His sister’s door was locked, so he took opened nail clippers to somehow unlock the door. He slipped in, got the pillow toy and slipped out and back into his own room. The parents laughed themselves silly. That is one smart toddler and they may have their hands full later on.


From American Overlook:

When Joann Moser finally had enough of her daughter complaining about someone stealing her toys, they decided to do something that few parents have ever thought of. She set up a video camera with night vision right outside her daughter’s door, expecting to see nothing and stop her daughters complaining.

But the whole family was stunned when they checked the footage the following day and saw something that nobody could believe!

Moser’s two-year-old son may be the most cunning and intelligent toddler on this entire planet. You’ll know exactly what I am talking about after watching this hilarious and adorable clip.

That a 2 year-old is clever enough to pick a lock with a pair of nail clippers is just stunning to me. The clip is adorable and so is the boy. My son was clever like this, even when he was little. The little scamp was always getting into things and he would always have a smile and a laugh when he was caught. How can you get upset with that? I sure couldn’t and still can’t. I tend to laugh first and get upset later. This is one of the cutest videos I have ever seen. At least his sister now knows where all her toys are. Let the games begin!

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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