This Firefighter Had No Idea He Was Filmed When He Did THIS

This Firefighter Had No Idea He Was Filmed When He Did THIS

It’s what you do when no one is looking that counts. A firefighter in Arizona recently was called to an accident that involved a young mom, her two year-old daughter and her four year-old son. The children were not really hurt… the toddler got bruised a bit and they were taking care of her. The mom was the one that got shook up a bit. The children were really scared until firefighter Russell Whaley came along… He saw that the little boy was especially frightened because they had his mom on a gurney with an oxygen mask and other medical devices surrounding her. So, he asked the boy about his Ninja Turtles t-shirt and the next thing he knew, they were on the ground and the boy was in his lap while he read a book to him. A woman took a picture of the firefighter and the little boy and it went viral as it should have. I think she videoed him as well.


From American Overlook:

When Whaley and his crew arrived on the scene, they attended to Pacheco and her daughter first because they had sustained the most visible damage. But then Pacheco told Whaley something personal.

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“My son started getting worried and scared,” Pacheco said. “He was nervous seeing me with an oxygen mask and all this stuff on me.”

Whaley knew it was up to him to make a difference. So he asked the 4-year-old about his Ninja Turtles t-shirt.

“The next thing I know, we have a book in front of us and he’s sitting on my lap and we’re reading a book on the side of the freeway,” Whaley explained.

Whaley entertained the boy while his mother dealt with the police. That’s when a passerby and nurse, Steffani Blair, took the photo of Whaley and Lucas reading the picture book.

“There’s only one thing I was disappointed about that day — we never got to finish the book!” the firefighter said. That is the mark of a true hero. I love this story. The mother, who will be fine, was incredibly grateful that the firefighter took time to calm her son and be so kind. The whole crew stayed with the family until the woman’s husband got there and took them home. I guess mom wasn’t hurt enough to go to the hospital, but she did have to deal with the police. This story is heart warming and had a very happy ending. Firefighters are extremely selfless and run into danger when others run away. They also have a soft spot for kids. The crew didn’t have to stay there till the dad arrived… but they did and they are loved for it.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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