8 Yr-Old Boy Grabs A Knife Then Makes A Call, Moments Later… Dad Runs In House GUNS BLAZING!

8 Yr-Old Boy Grabs A Knife Then Makes A Call, Moments Later… Dad Runs In House GUNS BLAZING!

An 8 year-old boy did what his parents taught him to do and it may have saved his life. He got off the school bus just as he does every day. His dad was running late, so the boy walked home to their apartment. Once inside, he heard three men knocking loudly. The boy grabbed a knife. He immediately called his dad and told him. Then he ran upstairs and hid under a bed. Luckily, dad was already on his way home and was armed. Bad news for the bad guys. Great news for the boy.


From TheBlaze:

An 8-year-old Alabama boy stepped off a bus Thursday afternoon expecting to meet his father — but Dad was running a bit late, so his son walked back home alone.

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But once inside his family’s Jefferson County apartment, the boy soon noticed something that frightened him: Three men knocking outside.

“He called his dad and said, ‘I see somebody,’” Laquita Embry, the boy’s mom, told WBRC-TV.

Embry said she and her husband taught their son in such situations to grab a knife, run upstairs to hide and call for help — and that’s exactly what he did, the station said. AL.com reported that he hid under a bed.

As the father arrived, the men had already broken in. He charged in and opened fire. “My husband called me so I knew everything was alright,” Embry told WBRC. “My husband told me, ‘I got them. They were trying to break in. I just walked in the house and started shooting. I think I killed one of them.’” He did indeed wound one of them. The police transported him to the hospital where he later died. The other two suspects fled on foot. Police think a second man was wounded because of a blood trail leading away from the apartment. They now have tracking dogs looking for them. The DA will decide whether to press charges against the father who shot the intruder. I sure hope he doesn’t and I don’t expect him to. Everyone but the bad guy is okay thankfully.

WBRC FOX6 News – Birmingham, AL – WBRC.com

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